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“Wait & See” About New Innovations

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest gadgetry, especially when it comes to inventions that promise to make our homes safer or more efficient. One of the biggest crazes of the past five years has been the move toward home automation, or the ability to have lighting, heating, home security and… Read More

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The Fixin’ Comes First!

You wouldn’t give your hard-earned money to someone you’ve barely met, but in the electrical and home services business lots of companies don’t even get much past “Hello” before they’re asking for thousands of dollars. That’s the exact opposite of how our technicians at Home Pro-Electric are trained to give a homeowner their absolute respect… Read More

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A Box of Brownies…

A box of brownies can warm anyone’s heart, fill the tummy and leave a smile on their face, and we’ve got the happy customers to prove it. Sending sweets out to customers might not seem like a normal practice for an electrician, but it’s one of the many little things we do that make Home-Pro… Read More

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What Powers Us

At Home-Pro Electric, it’s safe to say that what drives our company is that each day is an opportunity to make life better for our customers. You might say that our internal engine is powered by our Core Values. Loyalty The building of mutually beneficial relationships both internally and externally that stand the test of… Read More

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Safe and Warm – With an Emphasis on SAFE!

Winter just won’t loosen its icy grip here in Ontario. Sure, you want to stay warm, so this week, we though we would give you some safety tips for electric blankets and heating pads. 1. First, let’s establish what we mean by each: Electric blankets are blankets with coils imbedded with their plush material, whereas… Read More

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Who’s Bunking At Your Place This Winter?

Suddenly being aware that there’s a large bug or small critter in your home can be shocking in more ways than one! Home-Pro Electric wants to emphasize that rodents, insects and other animals in your home can not only pose a health threat, but cause damage to your home’s structure and electrical system. What Should… Read More

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Honey DON’T!

Each year, the week following Valentine’s Day is sprinkled with house calls from some Do It Yourself project gone horribly wrong. It’s as though every husband in Ontario decided the perfect gift for that day of romance would be to finally complete that list. You know the one: the “Honey Do” list, as in “Honey,… Read More

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Don’t Be S.A.D. In Winter

Many of us might say that being less active in the winter is the normal cycle of life. But get this: a less cheerful mood may be typical in this season, but for some people, cold weather and lack of sunshine bring on more than the usual winter blahs. It can bring on a form… Read More

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Happy Holidays from Home-Pro

As I replaced the old 2015 calendar on the wall with a new one for 2016, I got to thinking about holidays past and the treasured memories we collect with each passing year. One of my most cherished holiday recollections is centered around two of my favorite people…my parents. We were celebrating with close friends… Read More

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Going home for the holidays?

Going home for the holidays? Some enjoy that trip down memory lane and others not so much. But at Home-Pro Electric, with every home visit we make, we take care of your possessions and property because we know, firsthand, that each home is significant. We know that your house is much more than the foundation,… Read More

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