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If the “Jeopardy” category is: Famous Tablets Throughout History, I imagine some of the questions will be, “What is the Rosetta Stone?”, “What are the Ten Commandments”, and “What is the iPad?” All of them have changed history as we know it. And while I don’t have much use for the Rosetta Stone around the office except maybe as a paperweight, and I do try to guide my life and business according to those tablets delivered by Moses from the height of Mount Sinai, I’ve got to give major props to the iPad for changing the way my company does business..

Now, I’m not some techno geek by any stretch but I am grateful for our iPads every day. We do all our dispatching, invoicing, maps to get to the customer location, showing our licensing, insurance, WSIB and other company information etc. We can take pictures/videos and send back to the office for technical advice or product ordering.

Our customers can see products, diagrams, spec sheets, and videos while we’re onsite at their home or business, and any information can be directly emailed to them for review later on.
Our apprentice Shaun has also set us up on the cloud for truck stock replacement using Evernote. Anytime anything is used on the truck it is added in the Evernote app, and we can see in real time what needs to be replaced or re-ordered without emailing.

We used to carry briefcases around with us with all kinds of literature and product info manuals. As a result, very little info ever got to the customer because it was so cumbersome to use. We were always running out of some form or document, or it needed to be updated and replaced constantly. All these problems are now a thing of the past. Everything is so much easier and streamlined. I always make the comment that my brains are in my iPad.

What did we ever do without it? I shudder when I think about it. But as wondrous as the iPad is for us today, I wonder about what might be possible in the future: a holographic demonstration of a rewiring project, perhaps? I may wonder…but I don’t worry. As Albert Einstein once said, “I never worry about the future. It comes soon enough.”

Smart guy, that Einstein. I’ll bet he and Steve Jobs would have made a great team!

– Brian Peyton

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