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Home Pro Electric 165,000 Thank You’s

Our company got 165,000 “Thank you”s. That made my day!

I have always felt that giving back is an important part of running a business. One cause that not only I,but the entire Home-Pro Electric team supports is the Heart and Stroke Foundation. For me, it really hits home, as my father died of a heart attack. I know that several other families have gone through the same thing, and like to do my part in helping this cause because they do a lot of great things. Every year, our team tries to donate a portion of our sales to the Heart and Stroke foundation.

Now, a lot of times, you donate to these causes, and you always wonder, don’t you, where’s the money going? Am I making a difference? That’s why I was (no pun intended) heartened when I got a report from the foundation that donations had helped 165,000 people. They included some of the stories and it really put some grateful faces and names to the money we were giving.

One thing I am open too as well, is teaming with other companies to help raise more money for this foundation. If you or your company is interested in teaming up for this great cause, please give me a call and let’s make it happen!

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