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Remember that scene in National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation” when Clark Griswald is staring out the kitchen window, dreaming about when he puts in that pool? Meanwhile, Bing Crosby is crooning “Mele Kalikimaka”, the Hawaiian Christmas Song. I found myself doing the same thing the other day; staring out the window, hearing that song in my head. But it wasn’t a swimming pool I was seeing.

You see, here at Home-Pro Electric, we are always on the grind. Sure, we find time to joke around in between jobs, or share stories in the mornings before we head out to our individual jobs, but for the most part we are all working independently. The other day I began to think about how much fun an office getaway would be for everyone if time or money were no object.

Maybe it was the chill of winter getting to me, but a tropical destination instantly came to mind. Hawaii or Jamaica are both beautiful places where I would love to take my team for a retreat. Aside from just relaxing and basking in the welcome warm sunshine, there would be plenty of local activities to engage in as well. I we land in Hawaii, I’ll bet all of my techs would love to try out surfing. And I know that we would all love to experience a traditional Hawaiian Luau, or pig roast, because we all love to eat great food!

Overall, it would also just be a great experience for everybody to hang out and socialize outside of the routine work week and enjoy each others’ company.

Maybe the guy in charge will give us airline tickets this year at bonus time instead of the Jelly of the Month Club. Oh, wait…I AM the guy in charge!
Well, back to work, everyone. There’s no company trip until we make our goal. In the meantime, “Mele Kalikimaka, everyone!”

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