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Reflections on Canada Day

Canada Day 2015 -- Electrician in Kitchener, ON

Last week we celebrated Canada Day, and I hope everyone had a great day off – if you GOT the day off! I was on call, as usual, but that’s par for the course in the service industry, and I’m happy to be available for electrical emergencies. But being prepared for anything that day really had me reflecting on what the holiday means to me as a business owner.

I am a proud Canadian, although I was not born in this great country. I was born in Scotland and moved to Canada with my family when I was 14 years old. Like a scout in old pioneer days, my father moved here first, and lived here for a year before my family joined him. He worked very hard to make better opportunities for us. I am grateful that his strong work ethic was instilled in me, and as a Canadian, I was able to open an electrical business of my own after learning the trade.

For me, Canada Day is about celebrating this freedom to open one’s own business. More importantly, we are given the opportunity of success and the cruel lessons of failure….and the ability to try again if we do fail. It takes hard work and dedication, but we are free to thrive in this country as long as we have the will, the courage, and attitude to do so. Not everyone in the world can say this…and for that reason, I am very grateful.

I’m thankful for the opportunities and experiences that Canada has given me. If you feel the same, maybe we should get together for the next Canada Day! We’ll have a cookout, sing “Oh, Canada” and raise a glass. Just remember, I might be on call.

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