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5 Residential Electrical Services You May Already Need In FL

adult electrician engineer workerIf you have an older home or have recently purchased one, there are essential electrical systems in the home that may need attention. Today’s power needs are completely different than they were just a few decades ago. Older homes often have a hard time keeping up with the power demand of a modern day household.

Additionally, new homes are often built with only the standard number of outlets, lights, and switches in standard locations. We have so many gadgets that need to be charged and so many different extra appliances that standard electrical systems in newer homes can’t keep up with our demand for power either.

AS professional residential electricians in Florida, we see these problems all the time. Common electrical problems are frequent surges that burn out computers or appliances, power wanes when the microwave is used at the same time as everything else, and there are never enough outlets in the house.

It’s highly important to have the right type and number of outlets in the home, but that’s not all. You may need a panel upgrade as well. Any heavy appliances may need to be put on a dedicated circuit which is installed by your electrician.

Here are five residential electrical services you may already need.

1. Whole Home Surge Protection Installation

If lighting were to strike your home or anywhere nearby, a surge may go through your home’s electrical system. As a matter of fact, surges occur all the time during power grid switching. Anything that is plugged in may then get “fried,” whether it is turned on or off. Just one surge can take out every appliance and electronic device plugged into the outlet. The lighting and the entire circuit of wiring can be fried as well.

This is an unfortunate event that can be prevented by having a whole home surge protection system installed. Without proper surge protection, Los Angeles homeowners can end up having to pay out of pocket to replace expensive electrical appliances and equipment such as computers, televisions and more.

The system is installed into the main service panel, the electrical panel box, so it protects everything in the entire home automatically. Portable surge protectors don’t last, don’t protect everything, and often have to be replaced after just one power surge.

2. Panel Upgrades and Replacement

Flickering lights or appliances that are not functioning properly are an indication of a problem within your electrical system. Such problems could require professional help immediately and may require more complicated steps to figure out the problem. This is a situation that will require a professional Florida electrician to test and inspect your electrical service panel to determine if you need panel upgrades.

Many older electrical systems do not supply the necessary amount of electricity to power all the appliances of today’s homes, therefore you may need an electrical service upgrade. When we perform electrical upgrades and fuse box upgrades, we also upgrade your meter sockets, wiring, and other components to make sure that nothing is holding your electrical system back from functioning correctly.

3. Home Generator Installation and Repair

When a power outage strikes a home in Florida, it often isn’t feasible to simply ride out the power outage until the electricity starts working again. This is why many homeowners have started installing home backup generators in order to protect their frozen goods and family even during a long-term power outage. There are many different sizes and types of home generators, but the best ones are installed to operate automatically. They provide more power and operate quietly.

4. Rewiring Service

Other than the electrical panel, one of the greatest concerns to home buyers and home owners is the electrical wiring system. Old electrical systems can cause house fires when wires and connections become loose, frayed, or otherwise can’t support the electrical load of the household. Re-wiring a home is also a great idea for people that are considering buying, building a new home, or selling a home.

5. Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Installation

Both indoor and outdoor lighting increases the safety and security of every home. Unfortunately, standard lights often don’t even provide the type of illumination we need or want. There are very efficient LED lights available today for indoors and outdoors. If you don’t have good light to see by indoors or good security lighting outdoors, your home isn’t as safe and as enjoyable as it could be.

More Tips on Electrical Repairs

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