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Getting Plugged Into An Electrical Career

Sometimes when I’m on a job, people stop to watch me work. It’s not like they’re checking up on me, they’re just fascinated. And I can hear the same question in their minds – sometimes out loud: “So, what’s it like being an electrician?” (I feel as though the UN-stated question here is, “You electricians make a pile of money, don’t you?”)

Most people have a perception that electricians make a lot of money, and don’t have to work all that hard for it. Well, first of all, I definitely don’t have a fancy sports car parked out front, or live in a 8-bedroom house. Do I make a good living? I do, and furthermore, I love what I do. But hard work is definitely part of being an electrician. We work long days, and most of the time, long weeks as well. Emergency calls never seem to happen at a convenient time, but that’s part of the business, and I make sure my company responds to those panicked customers quickly and with a serving heart.

Could I sit in the office and direct my team to go out on jobs without me? I could, but choose not to. Working with my hands every day is what makes me a happier person. Doing what I can to help my community makes my customers happy!  And for those who sit and watch me doing that work, if you think you’re called to be an electrician, let’s talk sometime!

Right after I change out this plug.


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