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Little Things That Add Up To A Big Difference

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Here at Home-Pro Electric, my techs and I enjoy doing what it takes to see our customers satisfied. We understand that electrical issues can be confusing for most homeowners, who don’t know a lot about the trade. This is why we like our customers to fully understand the situation at hand, before we begin making repairs. Now, I realize that even when you’re standing next to us by a breaker box or we’re trying to explain where the problem is, it can sound like Greek to the untrained ear. But we had a situation lately made the explanation even more difficult to understand than usual.

Recently, we had a customer who was having some electrical issues in his home, but is handicapped. Due to his disability, he was unable to go outside and troubleshoot or even begin to diagnose what was wrong. My tech went out and was more than happy to film himself walking thru the issue, explaining what was going on outside. He then showed this to the homeowner so the client understood what was going on before the tech went to work on it. This is a common practice we do for clients who are having electrical issues in their attics. After all, why should everyone have to confront cobwebs when we can do it for them?

So if someone from our Home-Pro team brings in your newspaper, pulls the trashcan up from the curb or brings you your mail, trust me – it’s part of a belief that it’s how little things add up to a great experience. And that makes a huge difference.

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