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Each year, the week following Valentine’s Day is sprinkled with house calls from some Do It Yourself project gone horribly wrong. It’s as though every husband in Ontario decided the perfect gift for that day of romance would be to finally complete that list. You know the one: the “Honey Do” list, as in “Honey, do this” and “Honey do that?”

So we thought, let’s have some fun and recall our Top Five famous (and thankfully, fictional) electrical “assistants” you don’t want giving you a hand around the house!

5: Comic British sensation Mr. Bean causes television sets to switch to static just by walking in front of them. If he creates that kind of havoc just being near electronics, don’t let him help hook up your big screen…or the ceiling fan…or garage door opener!

4: In The Empire Strikes Back, R2D2 unknowingly tries to interface with a computer through a power socket. Granted, it looks as though the standard Imperial network connection port is roughly the same size and shape as a main socket. Not a very good design, there, Dark Side! Still, R2 should have known better. When you want some electrical help, this is NOT the droid you’re looking for!

3: The entire work crew in the film “The Money Pit” starring Tom Hanks and Shelly Long. Sure, they E-V-E-T-U-A-L-L-Y got the work done and it was beautiful, but it took three-quarters of the film!

2: Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor from the TV show Home Improvement.” When it came to appliances and wiring, everything this man touched turn to charred skin and a hair-do like Einstein. Ask if his assistant Al is busy that day.

1: Every contestant on ”Canada’s Worst Handyman.” Ever.

Don’t be shocked! When it comes to electrical work, the old adage still applies: “Don’t try this at home.” Count on us.

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