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There’s an old joke that the common last words of a foolish person are, “Hey, watch this!”  I’m convinced that the last words before someone’s luck runs out are, “Don’t call anybody yet, honey! I think I can fix it myself.”

We all know a “Mr. Fix-It”, right? The guy who *thinks* he can fix just about anything around the house? We see it often in our line of work, and sometimes, we just can’t help but laugh at some of the repair jobs we’ve encountered. (Other times, however, we’re just plain frightened by what we find.) Like the homeowner that had three power strips all plugged into one another.

One of our techs responded to this call: a widow and her son wanted a safety inspection of their home. It seems the woman’s late husband (the young man’s father) did some handiwork around the house before he passed. Some of it was electrical work. Unfortunately, he had gotten a little senile in those last days. What our tech found was astonishing; the poor man had connected lights with phone lines and there were other hazards. If the son and widow hadn’t called, they might have ended up joining him in the hereafter!

Our tech corrected everything so that it was wired safely, and I have to admit, that was one of the more gratifying and interesting jobs we have been called on.

Don’t live with uncertainty – especially if you have a “Mr. Fix It” around your home! Call us for a Home Safety Inspection.

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