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Magic Beans of Success


Ready for the Magic Formula for Success? Here it comes: there isn’t just one. Everyone’s formula is a little different. (Kind of like a chili recipe! Beans? No beans?)

As for myself, there are definitely ‘key ingredients’ that formulate my personal formula for success. The first ingredient that comes to mind is doing the right thing. This may seem trite, but it helps me sleep well at night knowing that I have done things right and trained my team to do things right as well.

Another key ingredient to success for me is keeping my word and staying honest. I know I would want the same treatment for me from someone else and their business. So fair is fair. (It’s really part of doing what’s right, when you stop and think about it.)

And finally, I believe in treating people with respect. I think that this is something that everybody can appreciate, whether it is our homeowners, employees, or just people that we encounter on a day-to-day basis.

To me, this isn’t really a ‘magic formula,’ rather common sense. Still, not everybody does all of these things when operating a business. I think a lot of people are tempted by taking shortcuts today, and for me, it’s just not something I am willing to compromise. Sometimes common sense seems all too uncommon.

What’s your formula? I’d love to hear your take on it next time we get together. And if you don’t have one or never really thought about it, we can just swap recipes for chili.

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