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Who Put the “I” in TEAM

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You know that saying that there’s no “I” in the word “team?” I saw a funny illustration the other day where someone colored in the spaces in boxy “A” and wrote underneath, “There it is!” It made me laugh, but here at HomePro Electric, even though I’m the boss, I still say there’s no “I” in “Team.”

I know that most bosses or company owners like to say that their company is great to work for, but Home-Pro Electric really is an AWESOME workplace. I can’t really put my finger on one thing that makes us such an amazing company, rather there are several factors that all work together to make us that way. The first are the incredible members of our team, the Spark Squad, and our wonderful office staff. It’s a down-to-earth bunch, and while we put work first and foremost, we definitely find time to laugh and joke around.

Another important part of our business is doing the job right the first time. It sounds like a simple and obvious statement, but not all companies operate this way. By doing things right the first go-around, even if it might take a little longer, we can rest easy that we did our part and to the customer’s satisfaction. With great work ethic and a great team, who wouldn’t love coming to work every day? I show my team their appreciation by delivering coffee to them while they’re on the job. A small gesture, but I feel that it’s important to let them know their hard work is appreciated. I feel they’d do the same for me out on a job.

I know what you’re thinking: coffee? No tea? Well, there’s already plenty of “tea” in “team”!

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