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Quaint and Kitschy Kitchener

Having lived in a large metropolitan area like Toronto, you get a sense that you’ve seen it all. But there are so many great things in Kitchener that make it a fabulous and unique community.

As most gather from the name, Kitchener is a city with heavy German influence. One way that we embrace this culture locally is by celebrating Oktoberfest every year. I always get excited during this time of year for many reasons. The food, drinks, parades, music, and the contests all make for great family fun.

Another reason I love living in Kitchener, is that it is a fairly big city, but still has that small-town feel to it. Unlike some larger cities that I have been to, it is still easy to get around town. This is especially great if I have a sudden craving for pig tails. Yep – you read that right; pig tails. Pig tails, as in the delicious tails of pigs are another unique aspect of Kitchener that I love. It may sound like a weird treat, but I have come to love the delicious pig tails that some of the local restaurants here have. I have found in traveling, that while other cities have pigs feet, loin, or spare ribs, a lot of towns and cities will offer pig tails when pigs can FLY!. If your city doesn’t have them, come and see us Kitchener. Let’s chow down and live it up!

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