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Safe and Warm – With an Emphasis on SAFE!

Winter just won’t loosen its icy grip here in Ontario. Sure, you want to stay warm, so this week, we though we would give you some safety tips for electric blankets and heating pads.

  • 1. First, let’s establish what we mean by each: Electric blankets are blankets with coils imbedded with their plush material, whereas an electric heating pad is put directly on the mattress. They should NOT be used interchangeably or at the same time.
  • 2. Prior to plugging in your electric blanket or pad, check for any damage and inspect for worn cords and other damage.
  • 3. Never get into bed with a heating pad switched on. You might get so comfy and sleepy, you’ll forget it was on! Don’t just turn it off. Unplug it before climbing into bed otherwise it may overheat and catch fire. Likewise, never lie on top of an electric blanket when it’s switched on. This could also start a fire.
  • 4. An electric blanket should not be tucked under the mattress and nothing should be placed on top of the blanket while it is in use (including quilts, blankets and other covers).
    As for heating pads, there should be ties to secure it to the mattress. This prevents slipping and creasing which could damage the elements.
  • 5. Taking your electric blanket off for the night? Don’t fold it while it is on or still warm. This could cause the blanket to overheat and burn out. Make sure the blanket has a mechanism to cut off the power if the blanket overheats
  • 6. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using the electric blanket or pad. Most advise against using heating blankets on waterbeds, sofas, bunk beds, or mechanical beds.
  • 7. When washing the blanket, make sure it is completely dry before use. Never dry-clean an electrical blanket because the chemicals can damage the heating insulation and increase the risk of fire.

There you go! Warming tips times seven to make winter feel like heaven! Stay safe and call HomePro Electric if you need our services.

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