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A Shocking Discovery!

Rodents can chew through electrical wires.As electricians, we usually see the same thing over and over again on service calls; sockets, plugs and wires …. lots of wires. But every now and then, there are some calls where we find something as unusual as a round pin plug! (You gotta trust me here. That’s unusual.)

I remember one particular homeowner who called after needing some electric updates installed in her home. She had also experienced an unusual outage and wanted us to check it out. One of my “Spark Squad” technicians opened up a panel box and called me over after discovering the most likely suspect for the outage. Inside the panel box was a mouse… a very dead mouse, poor little guy.

We surmised what probably happened: sometimes mice will find their way from an opening outside to within the home’s walls and eventually to a circuit breaker box. While it’s snug in there, there’s not a whole lot of eat other than the rubber seals around the circuits. But when the rubber’s gone and metal touches metal with a mouse in-between? Well, that’s bad news for the mouse.

Having mice or other rodents gnawing on wires doesn’t always mean lights out (not for the homeowner, anyway). In this case, we just repaired the rubber that the mouse destroyed and sealed the circuit box to prevent other “tenants” from moving in.

If you have suspect rodents are moving in and munching on your home’s wiring, call the Spark Squad at HomePro Electric. We’ll be glad to thoroughly inspect for damage and perform any needed Electrical Repair so your family is safe around the mouse…er, HOUSE!

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