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eletrician-repair You wouldn’t give your hard-earned money to someone you’ve barely met, but in the electrical and home services business lots of companies don’t even get much past “Hello” before they’re asking for thousands of dollars. That’s the exact opposite of how our technicians at Home Pro-Electric are trained to give a homeowner their absolute respect and remember that you have to fix the customer before you can fix any issue with their home. That means we take time relating with customers as we examine the issue with their home and showing them our company credibility statement, comprehensive insurance and workers compensation coverage before we even mention a dollar amount attached to completing their repair. We do this because at Home Pro-Electric we have highly skilled professionals at the ready, and knowing they’re well prepared will let you confidently move ahead with us in getting your home’s electrical system working as it should be. Another important piece of our on site manner is not overwhelming a customer with technical jargon that does nothing to help them understand how we’ll make their home whole again. After all, it doesn’t matter if someone knows or not that a short circuit is caused by two wires touching each other. The more important thing is that we explain how we’re going to make their problems disappear so they can get on with their lives.

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