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Who’s Bunking At Your Place This Winter?


Suddenly being aware that there’s a large bug or small critter in your home can be shocking in more ways than one! Home-Pro Electric wants to emphasize that rodents, insects and other animals in your home can not only pose a health threat, but cause damage to your home’s structure and electrical system.

What Should You Keep A Lookout For?

Wiring in your home is covered in yummy plastic insulation, which protects the surrounding walls and building materials from the heat generated by the wires. But rodents regard this insulation as delicious and can do a great deal of damage by biting or chewing through the insulation or creating nests. If you see bite marks or nests, you have hungry rodents living in your home.

You’ve got two problems if rodents or animals are chewing through your wires: the first is a full blown electrical outage. Other less serious problems can occur, like blown breakers or circuit damage, but fluctuations in power could mean more severe issues to come.

The second danger is increasing the chance of a house fire. Exposed wires with nibbled insulation may short circuit or arc against surrounding material, much of which is easily flammable.

How Can I Protect Your Home?

Rodents can crawl through a hole the size of a small coin, but cause damage that can result in big bucks! Manage the critters first, show them the door (or the pearly gates) and then make sure they can’t re-enter. Once that’s done, book an appointment with Home-Pro Electric for a thorough inspection and any repairs you may need.

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