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chocolate brownies A box of brownies can warm anyone’s heart, fill the tummy and leave a smile on their face, and we’ve got the happy customers to prove it. Sending sweets out to customers might not seem like a normal practice for an electrician, but it’s one of the many little things we do that make Home-Pro Electric stand out from the rest of the crowd. Complimentary brownies are a final “thank you” for homeowners with big jobs that they’ve entrusted Home-Pro to complete, and a way to be remembered aside from our outstanding service delivered by technicians who arrive on site in our distinctive wrapped company trucks. You can see write away from our badges and certifications that everyone at Home-Pro Electric is highly trained to do the best job possible, and ready to answer all your questions before laying out the solution that works for you. Our programs for surge protection can keep pricey appliances and gadgets protected from damage due to sudden power surges, and our complimentary 12-point safety inspection is perfect for uncovering any hidden problems before they get out of hand. What we’re proudest of are the happy customers we’ve created with 28 years in business, and the high marks we receive on lots of online review sites shows that Home-Pro Electric is different from the rest. Have a look for yourself. Chances are you might even run across a glowing review written by someone who had just enjoyed one of our yummy brownies.

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