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Happy Holidays from Home-Pro

As I replaced the old 2015 calendar on the wall with a new one for 2016, I got to thinking about holidays past and the treasured memories we collect with each passing year. One of my most cherished holiday recollections is centered around two of my favorite people…my parents. We were celebrating with close friends… Read More

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Going home for the holidays?

Going home for the holidays? Some enjoy that trip down memory lane and others not so much. But at Home-Pro Electric, with every home visit we make, we take care of your possessions and property because we know, firsthand, that each home is significant. We know that your house is much more than the foundation,… Read More

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I’m Dreaming of…

Remember that scene in National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation” when Clark Griswald is staring out the kitchen window, dreaming about when he puts in that pool? Meanwhile, Bing Crosby is crooning “Mele Kalikimaka”, the Hawaiian Christmas Song. I found myself doing the same thing the other day; staring out the window, hearing that song in my… Read More

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Magic Beans of Success

  Ready for the Magic Formula for Success? Here it comes: there isn’t just one. Everyone’s formula is a little different. (Kind of like a chili recipe! Beans? No beans?) As for myself, there are definitely ‘key ingredients’ that formulate my personal formula for success. The first ingredient that comes to mind is doing the… Read More

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Little Things That Add Up To A Big Difference

Here at Home-Pro Electric, my techs and I enjoy doing what it takes to see our customers satisfied. We understand that electrical issues can be confusing for most homeowners, who don’t know a lot about the trade. This is why we like our customers to fully understand the situation at hand, before we begin making… Read More

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How to Take Control of (Some) Electrical Issues

Weather can affect several different home-service industries in many ways. For example, this time of year HVAC companies really start to get busy when people first turn on their furnaces and their heating systems fail. The same is true on that first hot day when their air conditioner won’t start. For roofers, they see a… Read More

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In The Dark About Repairs? Call Us First!

Troubleshooting an electrical problem when you’re not the handiest guy or gal is difficult enough. Now try to fix the issue in total darkness holding a little flashlight in your mouth so you can use both hands, and you’re in double trouble! In the electrical industry, there are all sorts of different calls that we… Read More

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Big Dreams & Small Steps Charge Up Home Pro!

Alvin Toffler is quoted as saying, “You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction.” But I must be honest; when I started working at a small electrical company, was I thinking about owning my own business someday? I can’t exactly… Read More

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Who Put the “I” in TEAM

You know that saying that there’s no “I” in the word “team?” I saw a funny illustration the other day where someone colored in the spaces in boxy “A” and wrote underneath, “There it is!” It made me laugh, but here at HomePro Electric, even though I’m the boss, I still say there’s no “I”… Read More

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Home Pro Electric 165,000 Thank You’s

Our company got 165,000 “Thank you”s. That made my day! I have always felt that giving back is an important part of running a business. One cause that not only I,but the entire Home-Pro Electric team supports is the Heart and Stroke Foundation. For me, it really hits home, as my father died of a… Read More

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