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Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another

“Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.” John Dewey Looking back on my path as an electrician, I would say it all began when I was 16 years old. As any boy that age, I was excited to get my first job and begin making my own money. That first job ended… Read More

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Summer: My Time of Year

Summer is winding down and, gosh, I hate to see it go. It’s one of my favorite times of years! The weather is great and the umbrella drinks usually are too! There is just a feeling about summer that makes you feel free and alive. But great music helps make those fantastic summer days last… Read More

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Sometimes You CAN Do-It-Yourself

Electricity and H2O are two things that typically don’t go together. Oftentimes, though, electricity and DIY rarely mix well! But surprisingly, there are a few bits of DIY advice that I have offered homeowners over the years. A blown circuit is common in our field, and I have found that I am often able to… Read More

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Carry On and Start Rewiring

There’s an old joke that the common last words of a foolish person are, “Hey, watch this!”  I’m convinced that the last words before someone’s luck runs out are, “Don’t call anybody yet, honey! I think I can fix it myself.” We all know a “Mr. Fix-It”, right? The guy who *thinks* he can fix… Read More

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Getting Plugged Into An Electrical Career

Sometimes when I’m on a job, people stop to watch me work. It’s not like they’re checking up on me, they’re just fascinated. And I can hear the same question in their minds – sometimes out loud: “So, what’s it like being an electrician?” (I feel as though the UN-stated question here is, “You electricians… Read More

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Quaint and Kitschy Kitchener

Having lived in a large metropolitan area like Toronto, you get a sense that you’ve seen it all. But there are so many great things in Kitchener that make it a fabulous and unique community. As most gather from the name, Kitchener is a city with heavy German influence. One way that we embrace this… Read More

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A Shocking Discovery!

As electricians, we usually see the same thing over and over again on service calls; sockets, plugs and wires …. lots of wires. But every now and then, there are some calls where we find something as unusual as a round pin plug! (You gotta trust me here. That’s unusual.) I remember one particular homeowner… Read More

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Reflections on Canada Day

Last week we celebrated Canada Day, and I hope everyone had a great day off – if you GOT the day off! I was on call, as usual, but that’s par for the course in the service industry, and I’m happy to be available for electrical emergencies. But being prepared for anything that day really… Read More

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Remembering Lois

There’s an old song by The Beatles titled, “In My Life” in which the singer reminisces about people and places that pass through his life. “I know I’ll often stop and think about them,” the lyric says. And it’s in that spirit that I often think about our customers and examine why some pages in… Read More

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Cant Live Without It

If the “Jeopardy” category is: Famous Tablets Throughout History, I imagine some of the questions will be, “What is the Rosetta Stone?”, “What are the Ten Commandments”, and “What is the iPad?” All of them have changed history as we know it. And while I don’t have much use for the Rosetta Stone around the… Read More

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