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Welcome to Home-Pro Electric. We are a Waterloo electrical company specializing in electrical service and electrical repair. Customer service is our top priority.

We have highly skilled and trained Waterloo electricians who are clean, courteous and drug free. Our trucks are stocked with thousands of parts so that all repairs or installation jobs can be completed quickly and without delay. We like to call them our "Warehouse on Wheels"

Our friendly office staff is ready to take your calls with any questions you may have about any of the services we provide.


Waterloo Electrical Repairs

Electrical repair should always be left to a professional Waterloo electrician. Electrical repair can be a dangerous thing if you do not know what you are doing. Most people avoid hiring a licensed electrician, because they think that is costly. This is not entirely true. By not hiring an electrician, you could cause more damage to your home's electrical system that will lead to even more costly repairs.

Our Waterloo electricians are trained to find your problem efficiently & safely, and will repair your problem as quickly and efficient as possible. Our expert Waterloo electricians deal with these types of problems everyday, and what seems like a Big problem to a homeowner, can be an easy solution for a licensed and trained electrician. Our electricians are trained to educate you, and present any/all options available to you, and doing so they will allow you to make a knowledgeable decision on the work that will be done!


Does Your Waterloo Home Have a Backup Generator

Home generators are your run-to when there are power interruptions. Not having enough electricity could really make it hard for a household to work as normally as it would want, and this is why it’s important that you choose a generator that is most compatible for your home and your energy requirements.

Some things to think about when looking at home backup generators are:

  • Price - what is your budget and what are you willing to spend to backup your home's power supply.
  • Size - Do you need a portable generator for the sporadic times that you may be without power. Or do you need a generator wired into your home. Also how long do you need your generator to run. This will also determine the size.
  • Fuel Type - There are those which are powered by gas, there are those powered by LPG, there are some that works on diesel, and others work on natural gas. There are advantages and disadvantages of choosing one over the other, including price and availability, and our Waterloo electricians can help you with this.
  • Load - choosing a home generator by the electricity load that you’re about to put into it. Knowing just how much wattage something needs to start and keep running is important if you want to know how powerful you need your generator to be.

If you’re thinking about installing a home generator by yourself, then you might want to take a step back and think twice about what you’re about to do. It could be very dangerous to deal with things that you don’t have much knowledge about. If you know a thing or two about generators, decide if they’re enough to help you safely and properly install it in your Waterloo home. The experts at Home-Pro Electric can help guide you through the whole process in choosing and installing your home's generator.

Waterloo, ON

What Waterloo homeowners are saying about us

is Rated: 2.9 / 3
based on these 7 happy .

"Home Pro Electric did a great job on our recent Panel upgrade and kitchen renovation. Ted and Jason were always prompt and on schedule and would call the night before to confirm. They were easy to work with and friendly. The quality of workmanship was very high and the price was the same as quoted at the beginning, even though was asked them to install a couple extra light fixtures for us. This is the second time we have hired Home-Pro and will definitely call them for any future electrical work at our house. Thanks!"

| Rated: 3 / 3

"I would highly recommend Home-Pro for all your electrical work! Brian was repairing an electrical problem in my home and mentioned that it would be a good idea if I am doing any renovations to think of upgrade my electrical panel and add surge protection. This was fantastic advice especially this year. Brian explained the process and estimate completely to me and follow-up with courtesy calls. Ted and Jason completed the work within the timelines and my questions were dealt with professionally and with a smile. Diane in the office was very friendly and helpful. I am so pleased with the results. Thank you, Home-Pro team!"

| Rated: 2.4 / 3

"Excellent service in all respects. For example: phone conversations - excellent: great follow-up; work performance - professional in all respects; electricians - fully respectful and knowledgeable; and attitude - all questions were answered, thoroughly. Summary: totally pleased in all respects."

| Rated: 3 / 3

"On Fri. Feb. 21, heavy ice on our roof slid onto ice-filled gutters and the force of it tore away the hydro meter, wiring, eaves troughs, soffit and fascia all along the entire side of our house. City crew told us we needed an ESA-approved electrician before they could replace the meter. We called four other companies who basically told us "we're booked full - have a nice day" and didn't seem to care at all about the terrible situation we were in. When we saw the Home-Pro ad in the Yellow Pages, it gave a lot of helpful information and stressed customer service as No.1, no matter what the job. We were answered quickly and courteously by someone who understood right away what we needed and had contacted field staff while still on the phone with us. He promised they would come within an hour and they did. Ted and Jason explained exactly what had to be done in clear language and didn't dumb us down. They gave us good solid advice and the company's "Straightforward Pricing" invoice system was easy to follow. They stayed at our home until the city hydro crew had returned with a replacement meter and reconnected us at the pole. All the time they were at our home, they treated us as if we were the most important clients in the universe. Next time we need skilled electrical work done, emergency or not, we will call Home-Pro. Their great attitude turned a terrible experience into a good one. We had power back 5 hours and 59 minutes after the ice-slide incident."

| Rated: 3 / 3

"We had several small electrical fixes that needed to be done. They were on time, fast and efficient and solved all our issues without too much time or by making any holes in walls or any unsightly modifications to our home. Kept us filled in regarding prices and procedures. Ted was fantastic."

| Rated: 3 / 3

"Last week , suddenly electric power off in my basement so I couldn't use water tank and sump pump. He came home and checked it . He explained why it happened and repaired it. I think he asked me a reasonable price. He was very kind and I was very satisfied with his service."

| Rated: 3 / 3

"I asked Home-Pro Electric to check an under cabinet light fixture that had stopped working. I had said there was no rush but within two days Brian had dispatched Ted to my house to investigate the problem. I was very pleased at the fast service to check out my concern. Of course the light worked when Ted arrived but he stuck around waiting for it to turn off. Finally it happened and Ted was able to detect the problem. As he had installed the light near the beginning of the new year, he told me it was still under warranty and not to worry. The light was quickly fixed and I am a happy customer. I am again impressed with the professionalism of Home-Pro Electric as I was when I decided to hire them at the beginning of the year for a number of electrical concerns. I would not hesitate to call them again for any electrical issues I have."

| Rated: 3 / 3

If you are looking for Waterloo electrician, then please call 519-885-8268 or complete our online request form.