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Electrical Repairs


Ceiling Fan Repairs

ceiling fan repairs

Don't replace it right away just call our Kitchener ceiling fan repair experts to get your ceiling fan working. Our Kitchener ceiling fan repair experts will have your ceiling fan running again in no time so you can get back to enjoying the energy efficient comfort your ceiling fan provides.

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Electrical Troubleshooting

electrical troubleshooting

Whether your home is new or not, electrical issues are bound to occur every now and then. If you ignore electrical problems and do seek help to get them repaired by a qualified Kitchener electrician, this could further damage your home and become a big safety issue.

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Outlet Repairs

outlet repairs

If you have outlets that are not working, it could be an indicator of a more serious problem. Contact our Kitchener outlet repair specialists today to find out for certain what the issue is. We are fully licensed and insured electrical contractors with years of experience providing residential electrical repairs and troubleshooting services. 

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GFCI Electrical Outlets

gfci outlet repairs

If you have a plug or a device that does not work in one of these locations, the GFCI might be tripped. First, ensure that the situation that caused the tripping is resolved such as ensuring items are dry. Then reset the plug or breaker. The plugs have a test and a reset button. Press the reset button.

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Home Automated Lighting

knob and tube wiring

In the past, home automation in Kitchener was considered the trend of the elite. Today, home automation technology is becoming more common among the masses. Home automation gives automatic control of all the devices and gadgets to the house owner, and enables him to control the workings of the security, lights, heating and cooling systems of the house with the help of an interface like the computer or the phone.

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If you are looking for electrical repairs for you home, then please call 519-885-8268 or complete our online request form.