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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is It Going To Cost?

In our 22 years of experience, we have found that our clients prefer an accurate price based on their exact electrical problem.  Most phone quotes are subject to change once the service electrician arrives at your home.  We do not believe this is a fair way to do business.  By allowing us to diagnose your electrical problem in person, you will know exactly what it will take to get the job done and we will provide you with a guaranteed Straight Forward Price™.  There are never any surprises.

When Can Someone Be Here?

We stay well staffed with only the best electricians to meet the needs of our clients.  In most cases, we can offer same day service, especially the earlier you call in.  Call us and we will find a time that works for you!

Will I Have To Wait Around All Day?

NO!  Unlike other companies,  Home-Pro Electric knows that your time is valuable.  We will place you in a small (2) hour window that we will arrive in, and we will call you 30 minutes before we arrive to let you know we are on the way. 

Is Each Electrician Licensed? 

Yes, each and every one of our electricians are licensed to work in your home. 

Is There A Warranty? 

Of Course!  Everything  Home-Pro Electric does is covered anywhere from 1-10 years depending on the type of work completed.  Our warranty includes all parts and labour.* 

(*unless electrician states otherwise) 

How Can I Pay?

Payment options include:  cash, cheque, Master Card and Visa credit cards.  Home-Pro Electric also offers financing.  Call us today for your electrical repair/installation financing solutions! 

When Can My Electrician Start The Work? 

Our electricians arrive at your home ready and prepared to work.  Only rare circumstances can cause a job to last more than one day. 

Am I Going To Be Without Power? 

In some cases we may have to disconnect power.  If circumstances require power to be disconnected, the electrician will inform you before he begins the work. 

If I Have Any Other Electrical Work That Needs To Be Done, Besides The Work That I Initially Called In For; Will My Electrician Complete That Work Too? 

YES!  Have your list of items prepared for our electrician to look at while he is at your home.  "We Love To Answer Questions ." 

If you are looking for an electrician that is available 24/7 then please call 519-885-8268 or complete our online request form.