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Low Voltage Lightinglow voltage lighting in Kitchener

Are you looking to save money on your electric bill? A great way to save money is with low voltage lighting. Low voltage lighting is an energy efficient lighting that is a great option for both indoor and outdoor lighting. At Home-Pro Electric, we offer a variety of low voltage lighting solutions to help you have a more energy efficient home. Our Kitchener low voltage lighting specialists have Energy Star rated solutions for both interior and outdoor lighting.

What Is Low Voltage Lighting?

Low voltage lighting refers to the amount of electricity supply being used and the safety considerations involved with such lighting systems. Low voltage is defined as being between 50-1000V Alternative Current or 120-1500V Direct Current. Low voltage lighting systems also require a transformer. Some examples of low voltage lighting include the ever popular recessed lights, track lighting and some chandeliers.

Aside from creating a soft mood, these low voltage lighting solutions also carry a substantially lower risk of electric shock and offer Kitchener area homeowners a more energy efficient solution to their interior and exterior lighting needs. So if you want to start saving more money on your electric bill, consider calling our Kitchener low voltage lighting installation experts today to transform your home's lighting system.

Our Kitchener low voltage lighting expert's goal is to continue building long term relationships with our customers´╗┐ based on reliability, honesty, quality service and reasonable prices. We won't try to sell you something you don't need. We just want you to get the highest quality products and the most energy efficient solutions to your lighting needs.


Low Voltage Lighting: Are You Using it in Your Home?

Low voltage lighting fixtures are usually available in either a twelve-volt or a one hundred twenty volt version. Low Voltage lights come in a wide variety of designs, colors and sizes which allows for different lighting effects and the ability to install in different areas. Low voltage lighting is easier to install than higher voltage lighting. Low voltage lighting fixtures are usually less expensive than the higher voltage lights. If you are interested in setting up these lights outdoors there are some things to consider. The one hundred twenty volt systems should be installed according to code and usually are required to be buried. These lighting systems are usually permanent once installed.

If you plan on installing low voltage lighting fixtures outdoors they have the advantage of being able to be re-located if desired. There is a disadvantage though, the wires are not buried very deeply thus are more prone to damage than higher voltage lighting. Be sure to use a professional Kitchern electrician for all of your lighting needs. An obvious point about low voltage lighting fixtures is you have less light than the higher voltage counterparts do. Before you purchase either type, you need to determine what specifically you are using the lighting for; if you want a brightly lit area then you will not be satisfied with the lower output lights. Another factor that goes into determining what specifically you need to purchase is the type of lighting needed.

If you are lighting a pathway then you want a style that points to the ground. If you are planning to have the lights shine upon your home or a gazebo then you will require lights that point upwards. Some low voltage light fixtures capture the suns energy to provide light once it gets dark. Solar lights have a photoelectric panel that charges a battery while the sun shines upon it. Once the sun has gone down for the night, a photocell or a light sensor will activate the light to turn on.

If you have any questions about low voltage lighting, please call the lighting experts at Home-Pro Electric today for a consultation.

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