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Attempting to Find an Electrician in Puslinch, ON?Puslinch Lighting

When you want a Puslinch electrician that operates a locally owned electrical repair company, then call Home-Pro Electric. For many years, we have been offering our talented services to the area. Let us lend you a hand. If your electrical items are on the whack, then please give us a call. We are the ones that can help. Home-Pro Electric can deliver our services to you 24/7 seven days a week. Call us when you need us, we'll be there.













Puslinch Electrical Repairs

We'll put the fun back in electrical repairs. We don't mess around, but we do enjoy messing with your electrical items. If you have one that we can repair, then give us a call. We'll have them up and running in no time. Contact us for more details today.


Home-Pro Electric even offers an electric safety check. You heard us correctly. We do a 12 point inspection in your home. We check for all kinds of problems. We'll even lend you advice on potentially dangerous electrical items in your home. Call us to schedule an appointment today.


When you go to flick the “on” switch to your lighting, does it not work? If your switches and dimmers aren't working, then you should call the electricians that can make that “on”switch work again. Call Home-Pro Electric today.



Puslinch Panel Upgrades

Home-Pro Electric completely understands exactly how you feel when your lights start flickering. We'll eliminate that stress by having your electrical panel upgraded. We are the experts when it comes to panel upgrades. Call us and see for yourself.


If you want a Puslinch electrician that you can trust, then call Home-Pro Electric. We'll get your electricity where I t needs to be and you and your family safe again. You won't have to worry about surges after we've dealt with your electrical panel box.


Older homes are a target for bad electrical boxes. If yours has cobwebs growing in it, then you're going to have to call us. We'll take out those nasty cobwebs and replace them with a new electrical panel box. Contact us today for more details.

Puslinch Lighting

If lighting is what you want, then lighting is what you shall get. Home-Pro Electric can deliver you quality indoor & outdoor lighting. Whichever you need, we can do it for you. Call and make an appointment with us today.

We light up lives all over and want to be responsible for lighting up your life. Call us today and check out our large selection of lighting. You'll find that we are the ones who can do the job right. If you do not possess experience with electrical installations, then please call in the pros at Home-Pro Electric.


Contact your top choice for a Puslinch electrician. That would be Home-Pro Electric. We want to light up your home the best way that we know how.


If you are looking for an electrician in Puslinch that is available 24/7 then please call 519-885-8268 or complete our online request form.