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St. Abatha, ON Eelctrician & Eelctrical Repairs-Home Pro Electric

If you want a St. Aabatha electrician that doesn't beat around the bush, then contact Home-Pro Electric. You'll find that we are the choice for all types of repairs that stem from hot tubs to dimmer switches. Don't leave your electrical items unattended to. Call us today and make an appointment. We'll be out in no time at all.



St. Abatha Electrical Repairs

If you cannot find an electrician in your area that can come out 24/7 seven days a week, then you haven't obviously heard of Home-Pro Electric yet. We stand behind that work that we do and want to pass this loyalty on to you.


There are many items in your home that run on electricity. They all aren't going to last forever, so call Home-Pro Electric today and we'll repair them for you. It doesn't matter what you got, we want to repair it as we'll do it right the first time.


We'll even repair your hot tub. Now that's a reason to call us. We know just how anxiously awaiting you become when you can't access your hot tub. Contact us today and you'll be soaking in it by tomorrow. We do this because we are the experts who can bring you such quality services.



St. Abatha Panel UpgradesSt. Abatha Panel Upgrades

Are your lights flickering in your home? If they are, then you should call us at Home-Pro Electric. We can make the necessary changes to your panel box that will make your electricity flow more efficiently. If you're in need of one, then please don't hesitate to call.

When you need a St. Abatha electrician, all you have to do is simply call Home-pro Electric and we'll be out. We want to be your top-choice for panel upgrades. If your lights flicker, chances are that you don't have a ghost.


Is your home older than 20 years? If it is, then we'll have to come take a look at your panel box. Make the appointment today and let us take a peek. We'll let you know how the problem can be remedied. Contact the ones that you can rely on seven days a week.

St. Abatha Lighting

What type of lighting are you looking for? Landscape, security, low voltage or home automated? If you liked any one of these types of lighting, then get on your phone and call Home-pro Electric today. We can provide you with security lighting that will make your family feel safe.

Security lighting is great because it protects and makes the outside of your home look great. Burglars won't want to come to your home when they see how well-lit it is. We provide you with this type of lighting because we care about the well being of your family.


Call your St. Abatha electrician of choice today and you'll feel much safer with security lighting in no time. Let us know what we can install for you.


If you are looking for an electrician in St. Abatha that is available 24/7 then please call 519-885-8268 or complete our online request form.